Ausino International Logistics Co. Ltd was founded in 2018. Our predecessor was Ausino International Logistics Pty Ltd. Ausino are mainly engaged in international ocean freight, international air freight, international exhibition transportation, international private effects transportation, international moving and other related services. Our stuff, have been in Ausino for more than ten years, with professional knowledge and rich work experience.

  Ausino is is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) officially approved by the Ministry of Communications of the people's Republic of China. And Ausino is an international freight forwarding enterprise registered in the Ministry of Commerce. Furthermore, Ausino also has the qualification of customs declaration for import & export and the declaration of entry-exit inspection and quarantine, which is registered in the Bureau of China Customs.

Creating Advantage Everywhere You Go

Creating Advantage Everywhere You Go


*Global service network

*Accurate and effective information

*Diverse options of sailing schedules and flight, stable space provision

*Professional advanced management system for cargo tracking and  booking order

*Customized transportation requirements

*Professional and punctual service for international exhibition transportation

*Professional and safe transportation of personal effects and international moving


*Effective assistance in precise managing logistics procedure

*Multiple choices of shipping lines and airlines upon your requirement 

*State-of-the-art digital booking system management

*Satisfaction for your needs of time, quality and cost

*Professional staff, rich logistics resources